Gravestone start page (10/8/04)

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I have 106 grave sites here (43 As, 32Bs, and 31 Cs. That's about 1/3 of the total number of sites in the old Deerfield burying ground.

You can zoom in on these; Rebecca Arms is a good one to test. (Poor Rebecca: perished in the flames in 1768.) Some entries have foot stones, others do not.

I also put up for comparison 300 and 600 versions of Hannah Allen. Those you can really zoom!

These photos were taken by Amelia Miller, probably in the early 1960s, and now belong to PVMA.

Additional information has been added, some from the Baker & Coleman book that lists all the epitaphs that were there when they made their compilation. Some additional information has been added from Sheldon's History of Deerfield (from the genealogical section unless otherwise noted).

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