Some of my historical information about slavery in the Connecticut Valley.

My map of slavery on the main street of Deerfield, 1752:     Slave site map The version in my 2009 book)

Reverend Jonathan Ashley's 1749 sermon to the Deerfield slaves: Full version (transcribed from an 1867 journal)          My outline

More: My list of slave-owning ministers from the valley.  (The list in my book is longer and more up to date.)         Collected names of Deerfield's enslaved blacks (from the 1690s to the end of the 1700s).

I have a lot of other information that I have collected on this topic, including some xeroxed material that I hand out when I give talks, and in some cases I have written out the essence of my various talks. (A couple of those talks are here.) If interested, send me an email:    Or write me at the Amherst College Physics Department.

Better yet - See my book!