My books and a few recent publications:

1) My 1976 book (Energy - An Introduction to Physics) is out of print, and I have only a very few copies left.

2) My 1985 book (Energy Facts & Figures) is still available. This is basically a reprinting of the Appendices to my 1976 book, with the energy data updated through 1983. It also has lots of useful physical information and what I find to be very handy (and 100% reliable!) unit conversion tables (BTU to kwh, miles to meters, etc. etc.). If you would like a copy, send a check for $20 (that includes shipping), made out to me, at the address below. Per copy prices for class size prepaid orders can be negotiated.

      Robert H. Romer, Physics Dept., Amherst College, Amherst, Mass. 01002

3) "My Half-Hour with Einstein", published in March, 2005 in The Physics Teacher. A brief account of the one-on-one conversation I had with him in Princeton in 1954.

4) "Higher Education and Slavery in Western Massachusetts", Journal of Blacks in Higher Education, 2005.

4) "The Spin-Statistics Theorem", American Journal of Physics 70 (8), 791 (2002). A letter to the editor, trying to correct the record on previous publications in AJP on this topic.