Talks & Walks

I'm happy to give talks (for no charge!), and especially to give walking tours of slave sites in Deerfield.

Here are notes for a couple of recent talks:

   A talk (with accompanying PowerPoint slides of houses and documents) that I gave during the Amherst College reunion weekend on June 1, 2007

   A talk to the Western Massachusetts Library Club (WMLC) at a meeting they held in Whately: WMLC

   A very brief talk I was invited to give at the second annual celebration in Florence (Massachusetts) for the installation of the Sojourner Truth statue. Sojourner Truth was the focus of the event, but I talked about another black woman, Jenny, who lived in the valley nearly a century before the time of Sojourner: Jenny

A flier for the "Talk & Walk" I did at Deerfield on May 11, 2004: Slavery "Talk & Walk" (I have done other versions of this walk - for instance, one on October 2, 2004, which was jointly sponsored by PVMA and PVI, the Pioneer Valley Institute.) I have also been giving walking tours of slave sites in old Deerfield to high school classes.

"Slavery & Its Legacy" - A series of six sessions, running from Feb. 16 to April 7, 2005, was presented under the auspices of "Five-College Learning in Retirement". Click on the LIR link for program details ( (I was one of many speakers. We hope to post transcripts of all the sessions on the LIR website.)

And this is a brief article about my work, my walking tours of the slave sites, etc:   Hampshire Gazette article


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